Local Meeting and Petition sparks Residents interest in all things Canvey!

One good thing has emerged from the Canvey Residents Petition launched following the public meeting between residents and Cllr Martin Tucker.

It appears an awakening of concern of what is currently being proposed and future proposals for our Island.

More local involvement and awareness of issues by residents can only be a good thing. However this must not simply serve as a Tick Box exercise to serve Castle Point Council. Involvement must be seen to result in concerns being addressed and taken seriously. For far too many decades Canvey residents have been treated to platitudes where our flood defences, drainage and hazardous industries are concerned.

Now there appears an opportunity of an awakening where residents are becoming interested in the real facts, issues and situations in the surrounding area.

Our local political parties and representatives have an obligation to make residents fully aware of local issues  and a duty to face them full-on rather than leaving supressed by local policy making.


An investment opportunity

This letter to Castle Point Council Development Committee members is an example of this re-newed interest and an attempt to take action. We look forward to more of the same to follow on other important issues:

Dear Councillors,

I write to you as the councillors and members of the Development Control Committee whom will decide upon the outcome of the above planning application.

You will be aware that this site formed part of the Draft Local Plan which was not approved last Wednesday, you will also be aware that some 3000 plus Canvey people have signed a petition registering their opposition to the plan and thus by default this application, the number of signatories grows day by day.

I am told that CPBC followed government guidelines in publicising this application this meant however that the letters sent out went mainly to business’s on Charfleets Industrial Estate and not to residences, yes notices were also placed in the local press and locally to the proposed development on lamp posts but these methods are unlikely to reach many people and as a result only 3 comments were received during the consultation period. I would suggest to you that as an application that will have far reaching effects on Canvey Island and the borough as a whole that discretion should have been used, as allowed under government guidelines, to directly inform a much wider audience which I am sure would have resulted in many more comments.

I therefore register to you as a constituent of Castle Point my opposition to this application on the following grounds and request that you make my views known at the meeting on 2.2.2016.

  • The land is on a class 3 flood plain which according to government guidelines should not be considered for development • The land is designated as green belt which according to government guidelines should be protected, planning practice guidelines say that a local planning authority should regard the construction of new buildings as inappropriate in Green Belt • Recent reports have identified that the drainage system on Canvey Island is not fit for purpose and requires an investment of £24.5 million to make it so, further development will only exasperate the current situation • This development will increase demands upon the already inadequate infrastructure of Castle Point, and in particular the road network where this application is concerned.
  • The site falls within the 1km Cordon Sanitaire in relation to the Oikos COMAH site and so should be refused

I ask that you represent the views of the constituents of Castle Point and refuse this application.

Yours, N.S.


One response to “Local Meeting and Petition sparks Residents interest in all things Canvey!

  1. Policy SD1 of the New Local Plan states that

    The Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development
    1. When considering development proposals the Council will take a positive approach that reflects the presumption in favour of sustainable development contained in the National Planning Policy Framework.
    It will always work proactively with applicants jointly to find solutions which mean that proposals can be approved wherever possible, and to secure development that improves the economic, social and environmental conditions in the area.
    2. Planning applications that accord with the policies in this Local Plan (and, where relevant, with polices in neighbourhood plans) will be approved without delay, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.
    3. Where there are no policies relevant to the application or relevant policies are out of date at the time of making the decision then the Council will grant permission unless material considerations indicate otherwise – taking into account whether:-
    a. Any adverse impacts of granting permission would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits, when assessed against the policies in the National Planning Policy Framework taken as a whole; or
    b. Specific policies in that Framework indicate that development should be restricted”

    This policy seems to have caveats that should safe guard communities such as Canvey Island. However the Castle Point Borough Councils Planning Authority has never fully embraced with those aspects of the NPPF that deal with flood risk, in particular footnote 9, Policies 99-100-101-102-103-104-105-106-107 and 108. The Planning Authority has also ignored its own Councils Scoping Report and the findings of the investigation into surface water flooding incidents.
    Most significantly the funding identified as being a requirement for the necessary improvements of Canvey Islands sea defence has not been secured.
    Neither has the funding deemed necessary for its surface water flooding remedial requirements to repair and improve the failed drainage system been made available.
    Flooding is a serious material consideration specifically as in the case of Canvey Island when the breach or overtopping of it sea defence has been identified as having catastrophic consequences.

    The expectancy of more frequent surface water flooding events due to climate change has not been fully appreciated as being a material consideration, or even a constraint.
    Without there seemingly being any secured funding for these issues the prognosis for Canvey Island unmistakeably remains with regards to existing and proposed large scale developments UNSUSTAINABLE over the life time of such developments.

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