Yet more Green Belt Development planned for Canvey Island!

Castle Point Council have received yet another application for development on Canvey’s Green Belt at a parcel of land at the Dutch Village.

This proposal in the name of Golden Circle Ltd intends to use the Dutch Village estate as it access via Haarlem Road and Dyke Crescent. Despite this and the implications, there is no intention to consult with the residents living along the “route” affected”

This appears to mean that, apart from the site known as the Triangle and the Castle Point Golf Club, pretty much all of Canvey Island’s Green Belt is planned for development, as the nature reserve is protected!

Plans can be viewed and comments made by clicking on this LINK.



3 responses to “Yet more Green Belt Development planned for Canvey Island!

  1. Steve Sawkins

    Clearly this is a well established wild life hub which Canvey has very little of, the unmade-up roads giving access to this site and drainage issues, are far from accommodating.
    Air pollution and the additional car movements go hand in hand.
    All in all with the existing proposal of the larger development site directly at the rear of this one,
    the term “the straw that broke the camels back” comes to mind.
    This is green belt and zone 3 flood plain,
    the ditches and dykes on this site play a significant role in water storage for surface water flooding mitigation,
    surely enough is enough!

  2. Item 7.8 of the developers flood assessment says “The Environment Agencies warning system provides 12 hours warning of extreme tides, and time of inundation will be 1 hour depending on the location of the breach. This should give occupants time to safely evacuate the site”, shame that in the view of Calor it would take 19 hours to evacuate Canvey !!!!!
    Item 13.1 says “While from a flooding point of view, further development within flood zone 3 is undesirable, it is often necessary for the Council to
    allow redevelopment of local sites in order to aid rejuvenation of the
    local community and economy on the Island”. – yet more bullshit!!

    • Thanks Neil,
      What the Environment Agency also point out, although unsurprisingly not included within the developer’s submission, is that the EA would be reliant on local information in the case of a Breach of the sea defence,.
      No advance flood warning would, or could, be issued in that event!

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