Canvey Island – approaching the Sustainability “Tipping Point”!

I suppose it is too early to suggest at the moment, but at some stage continued population growth may need addressing if the continued need for development growth eventually tips the scales where Sustainability reaches its Tipping Point.


Infrastructure issues, austerity and the focus on strategically important projects such as Trident, HS2 and Nuclear Power plants leaves less in the “local pot” where the Police, Ambulance and Hospital services appear near breaking point.

We, Canvey Island residents, are, or should be, aware of the costs of efforts made to identify the bad practice and planning issues that led to so many homes suffering from the summer flooding of 2013 and 2014.

And yet, once the remedial work has been identified, we find that no funding is available.

That old chestnut of the need for a “3rd Road” off of the Island, the still incomplete Roscommon Way and the required widening of Somnes Avenue that may or may not improve traffic off of Canvey Way, remain on the Canvey “wish list”.

What can be guaranteed is more houses and more people that will undeniably add to the burden.

Only those living life in their own little dream world will realise that the old boiler will need some maintenance before it can be expected to heat yet another room.

London continues to expand, with two mayoral candidates promising to under-supply on Housing, increasing pressure on Essex amenities, infrastructure and of course Green Belt.

Unless the vision in Castle Point is to make the area unbearably crowded forcing those able to, to move further out of the area, leaving a less concerned populace in situ, then a new approach to its future is required.

Shame the last 9 years of expense and effort on a Local Plan has brought us no nearer a solution.

Colin Wiles’ thoughts on Green Belt protection and the delivery of Housing in London can be read HERE.


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