Canvey Cover Up! The Result of Apathy!

Not intended for publication.

Canvey Island Flooding
Internal Defra report (October 2014)
[Note: Defra is sending this internal report to the people and organisations listed in paragraph 4, so they can see the advice given to the Secretary of State by Defra flood officials. Defra does not plan to publish the report]
Planned development
28. Further development is planned in a number of locations on Canvey Island.

This could cause increased surface run off and put further pressure on the drainage systems.

It may also increase the number of properties at risk of events such as this in the future.

Government planning policy requires that future development on Canvey must be made sufficiently flood resilient, and that development does not increase overall flood risk.

How many more reports relating to Canvey Island are there that are also not meant for publication?

Residents, think on if you feel it is too much trouble to object to continued large scale development!

Those re-considering may wish to follow this LINK!

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