New Initiative for Canvey Residents comes under Discussion – to Neighbourhood Plan, or not?

During February, and in light of the fresh approach adopted by Castle Point Council towards the Local Plan2016, the Canvey Green Belt Campaign group felt it timely to approach the Canvey Island Town Council (CITC), with a view to request that they consider undertaking a Neighbourhood Plan.

We are delighted to note that within the next CITC meeting an Item has been introduced:

“To consider carrying out a public consultation to ascertain the
interest of the community of Canvey Island to prepare a
Neighbourhood Plan.”


Canvey Island

We are fully aware that a Neighbourhood Plan may be quite some undertaking for an area the size of Canvey Island, and may incur some expense, we are grateful to those Town Council members that have worked hard to allow discussion to take place at full council, to consider whether residents should be consulted.

We, the Canvey Green Belt Campaign, support and welcome the initiative, especially as a successful public consultation leading to a Neighbourhood Plan process will allow the scrutiny of the Sustainability and Environmental issues that impact upon Canvey Island.

The Neighbourhood Plan process will allow residents to express a view on Town Centre planning, housing development and Infrastructure issues.

Where housing development is concerned a Canvey Island Neighbourhood Plan will be dictated to some large extent by decisions made within the Castle Point Local Plan2016 process, however Canvey residents will be able to express an opinion as to the type and style and delivery of dwellings.

We feel that in the light of the Residents Petition, having attracted over 8,500 signatures, residents are now ready to show interest and be active in the local issues.

The Neighbourhood plan process would add to the standing and prestige of our Canvey Island Town Council and indication of embracing the public concerns.

IF, and at the moment it is only IF, the Town Council see willing to arrange a Public Consultation, residents should show interest and make efforts to take part.

This will be an example of Use It, or Lose It, where Resident Involvement in local issues is concerned!


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