Flood RE, Security for most – a Gamble for future Investors?

An interesting exhibition arranged by our MP Rebecca Harris took place at the Canvey Island Fire Station on Friday last, to explain the new Flood RE insurance scheme.

In attendance was Flood RE CEO, Brendan McCafferty, to answer questions for residents.

The Flood RE scheme will help provide residents whose homes and belongings suffered from flood incidents such as occurred during the summers of 2013 and 2014 on Canvey Island.

Whereas previously those householders who suffered flooding were either quoted high renewal fees or faced extortionate excess charges, there will now be available competitive, subsidised fees and manageable excess charges through the Flood RE scheme.

Leaflets indicated that approximately 80% of insurance companies were participating in the Flood RE initiative.

All houses / dwellings are covered by the scheme.

Except ALL of those built post – 2008!

I asked whether the fact that Canvey is protected from an up to a 1 in 1000 year flood event from the Thames Estuary, or the drainage system may be able to cope with a certain level of surface water flooding, and was told categorically where dwellings built post 2008 in a Flood Zone;     “No Exceptions!”

I learned from the Environment Agency that the Integrated Urban Drainage study of Canvey Island, is incomplete, more survey work is required, especially around the Dutch Village Estate area.

And yet Persimmon and Golden Circle press ahead with their proposed developments on Canvey Island!




One response to “Flood RE, Security for most – a Gamble for future Investors?

  1. Steve Sawkins

    It is not unreasonable for the Insurance Industry to disagree with a Senior Councillor who insisted that Canvey Island should be treated as a Special Case with regards to flood risk and increased development.

    Why would the Insurance Industry seek to encourage further developing a flood plain of a defended area when the only emergency action plan for its community of over 40,000 people is to “stay put” because evacuation would prove to be more onerous.

    It is comforting for the existing community of Canvey Island in that they now benefit, as with any other communities living within an historical flood zone, to continue having available affordable flood risk insurance.

    However what is very concerning is the fact that despite the best efforts of our political representative seeking sufficient funding for the overhaul of the Islands Critical Drainage System and Surface Water Management infrastructure, is that unfortunately such funding is not forth coming for the foreseeable future. In short Canvey Will Flood Again.

    Essential Points covered by the:-

    “People purchasing a property in a flood risk area should be made aware of the potential for flooding so they can make informed choices, including on taking out insurance. While the current flood code system needs to be simplified, with earlier and more personalised warnings issued jointly by the Met Office and Environment Agency that say what they mean and give clear advice “.
    “Government must act to ensure critical infrastructure is as resilient as possible, whilst essential services providers should become considerably more active in local and national emergency preparedness and response.”

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