Castle Point Election 2016 Results and Local Plan2016

As a Campaign group we attempt to tread a careful line where politics are concerned. the treading on eggshells can be difficult sometimes and splinters in sensitive places can be painful. However in a “delicate” period for our Local Authority, we felt it worthy of coverage on this occasion.

The Borough Election results for Castle Point saw the lead Group, Conservatives, retain the balance of power in the Council chamber.

Whilst the national political scene would obviously have some influence, more locally it will be claimed as a Residents endorcement for the Borough’s Local Plan2016.

Two outstanding results in Canvey island South ward and the mainland’s Victoria ward saw Barry Campagna and Simon Hart (pictured) respectively, poll more votes than their opposing candidates added together.

On Canvey Island, the Canvey  Island Independent Party won all contested seats, the Conservatives won all seats on the mainland, whilst  UKIP took 2nd place in each contested ward on Canvey Island and the mainland.

Official results are available via this LINK.


2 responses to “Castle Point Election 2016 Results and Local Plan2016

  1. What you are saying is UKIP won nothing !

    • Please read absolutely nothing into what has been printed other than the facts.
      I refer you to the opening sentence!
      Well done to the winners, and condolences to the losers.

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