Canvey Residents Shy or Confused? Or are we simply, used to being Ignored?

Is it Apathy, or a case of Formophobia, that prevents Canvey Island residents from letting Castle Point Council know what they think of what is Planned for our Future?


Don’t they no we ‘ave Edukation n’ Skil issues?

Just over two weeks into the 6 week Local Plan2016 Consultation and the Council website is showing just 220 entries from the local population of 38,459!

And this includes entries from the mainland residents, who added together make a total population of 88,011!!

Now it maybe this lack of involvement will be used to emphasise CPBC’s claim that Canvey residents are;

Compared with other parts of the borough, Canvey Island is relatively more deprived, with pockets of income and employment deprivation, and wider issues associated with the education and skills of residents.

Perhaps the implication with the reference to “skills” they may mean “form-filling”.

It could be correct when Cllrs Mumford and Blackwell suggested through the Echo 17th May, that Canvey residents may be confused and find the consultation to be complicated. That we may require some schooling on the Local Plan and suggested that it was councillors “duty to explain” the Local Plan document.

And there the offer was left!

So left to our own devices, do we just forget the Consultation, possibly our forms and brochure are already in the recycling bin?

Well if you live on Canvey you may feel we are already over crowded, that public services and infrastructure cannot cope, that the roads too congested, that the Hazardous Industries pose an unacceptable level of Risk, that Tidal Flooding would have a catastrophic effect should it ever happen, or that the drainage problems cannot cope with more large scale development, through the Consultation, LET THE INSPECTOR KNOW!

Go directly from the link below to the Castle Point website, there, at the top of the screen you can “Register”, then click on Read and Comment on Document”.

On the left hand side will be the chapters and you may want to comment on 5 Spatial Portrait, 13 Delivering Homes, 16 Protecting the Green Belt, 17 Flooding.

No need to get involved with answering whether the Plan is Legal – even CPBC can’t be certain, however it does need to be “Justified” to be considered “Sound”.

But be sure to leave your Comments.

Remember that previously the Council used the numbers of Residents that failed to comment, to be “in support” of their Plan!

In the meantime we will let you know should an information meeting ever be arranged by our councillors.

And  you will be glad to know Formophobia only exists in the mind, and that Apathy is curable by a large dose of the effects of Bad Planning!

The link to  the CPBC Local Plan 2016 Consultation is HERE.

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5 responses to “Canvey Residents Shy or Confused? Or are we simply, used to being Ignored?

  1. Sharon Ainsley

    Dear Reader,
    If you are confused, you are not the only one. It is a deliberate & disgraceful ploy by the Officers of CPBC to deter the Public from participating.

    Don’t let them get away with it!

    Even we seasoned campaigners find the “Consultation” baffling.

    My advice, for what it’s worth.
    Fill in the paper form “New Local Plan 2016 Public stage Representation Form” Ignoring the bit about Agents details & Name of Organisation.

    Then simply add a letter with your Name and Address on top.
    Start with ….
    “I certainly wish to take part but I feel the questions are not worded to include myself or any other member of the general public.
    I do not have any legal qualifications, nor am I versed in the intricate mechanisms of the planning process, so am at a loss to understand the questions put to me in the aforementioned response form.
    Therefore I fail to see how I can reasonably be expected to make representation as to the whether the New Local Plan (2016) is
    a) Legally Compliant
    b) Sound or
    c) Complies with the Duty to co-operate.”

    Then continue with any points & concerns you wish to make.

    Don’t forget to sign the letter.

    Alternatively, you can fill in the lengthy online version.
    Don’t try to do it all in one attempt.
    You can save and return to it another time.

    Please do take the time to respond. As your Editor quite rightly says, a lack of response will be promoted as an acceptance of the Plan and will give a free hand to those who wish to destroy our Borough.

  2. Thanks for the comments and info Sharon.
    I do feel that residents are in a position to suggest whether they feel the Local Plan 2016 is “sound” though as part of the test is whether you feel Policies are / policy is justified.
    Reading between the lines can I detect that Jotmans residents remain uncomfortable with the current version? I thought that the Local Plan2016 was written with Jotmans and similar areas specifically in mind.

  3. A Message from Cllr Skipp;
    Dear Resident

    By now you should have received your Local Plan Consultation documents.

    I am sure you do jnot need me to tell you that this is probably one of the most important consultations that your Council has asked you to take part in. This is why I am contacting all residents that are on my email list to urge you all to take the time to complete and return the document before the deadline. There were full instructions on how to do this both on line or in writing sent with the documents but if you have any further questions please send me an email and let me know.

    Thank you for your attention.


    Cllr Tom Skipp

  4. Steve Sawkins

    Before Publication of the LP2016 can go ahead

    Under Regulation 20, the period for formal representations takes place before the DPD is submitted for examination in accordance with a timetable set out in the statement of the representations procedure which is made available at the council’s office and published on its website.

    When moving towards publication stage, the council should consider the results of participation on the preferred strategy and sustainability appraisal report and decide whether to make any change to the preferred strategy. In the event that changes are required, the council will need to choose either to:
    • do so and progress directly to publication
    • produce and consult on a revised preferred strategy.

    The latter may be appropriate where the changes to the DPD bring in changed policy or proposals not previously covered in community participation and the sustainability appraisal. It avoids having to treat publication as if it were a consultation, which it is not. It also provides insurance in relation to compliance with the Strategic Environmental Assessment Regulations. Legally, during any participation on a revised preferred strategy, the council should:
    • comply with the requirements of the SCI
    • update the sustainability appraisal report.

    The council should then produce the DPD in the form in which it will be published. This includes removing material dealing with the evaluation of alternatives and the finalisation of the text. The council should be happy to adopt the DPD in this form, and satisfied that it is sound and fit for examination.

    This six weeks publication period is the opportunity for those dissatisfied (or satisfied) with the DPD to make formal representations to the inspector about its soundness.

    Only people proposing a change to the plan can expect to be heard at examination.

    The possibility of change under certain circumstances (which should be exceptional) is allowed for in these procedures.

    “Regulations” means the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012
    LDS means Local Development Scheme
    SCI means Statement of Community Involvement
    DPD means Development Plan Document

  5. Comment received via email;
    We will all be responding. It will be to say to the Inspector that we have no confidence in the Councillors and Council Officers who came up with this last minute sham after so many years and the amount of expense this has cost the tax payers.

    During the vote which is on the web, some Councillors even admitted themselves that they were only voting for it so as to have something to put to the Inspector.

    Well if I’m right the Inspector will take one look at this fudge they have cobbled together and throw it in the bin to join all the other failed attempts over the last God knows how many years it has took to get to this stage.

    The Inspector can then look again at all the sites available and make decisions based on the true merits of each.

    Then all the Councillors can say ‘it wasn’t my decision’, expecting to be voted in again at the next elections.

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