Work still in Progress, Canvey Island – Flooding

Following the surface water flooding at Canvey Island during July 2014, the Castle Point Council Scrutiny Committee held a series of meetings.


Canvey Road gulley June 2016

The meetings were held in public and residents were given time to make known their experiences.

The scrutiny committee heard from the various agencies charged with preventing and responding to flood events in the county.

Essex County Council Highways attended the meeting held on the 21st October 2014.

The Highways representative was refreshingly open and honest when he held his hands up, apologised for the lack of maintenance carried out on the main highway gullies and promised that a new regime would be implemented, allowing cleansing to be carried out on a regular basis.

The weather patterns of late, whether caused by climate change or not, has led to more frequent spells of rainy weather. That Essex County Council Highways have not kept to their word regarding maintenance is disappointing.

The photograph above followed a typical rainy spell in June 2016. Let’s hope it is not too many months before our local councillors remind ECC Highways of their responsibility following the public promises made to the CPBC scrutiny committee!

The scrutiny report into the flooding of 2014 remains un-published.




2 responses to “Work still in Progress, Canvey Island – Flooding

  1. It doesnt help when the grass cuttings generated by Pinnacle or indeed ECC who are responsible for grass cutting on a section of Roscommon Way leave the cut grass to find its way into the gullies, prevention after all is better than cure.

  2. What was the point of inviting residents who were flooded some on more that one occasion, to give their account and evidence of their traumatic flooding experiences when nothing has come out of it. Surely the scrutiny outcome needs to be concluded within a timely manor so as not to loose its credibility.

    There has been an incredible amount of further development on Canvey Island since the Scrutiny process began all of which has continued to place additional demands upon our water management systems.

    The excessive timescale taken for the outcome of this enquiry is not acceptable and those responsible for its conclusion need to explain not only why such a delay has occurred, but give some indication of when the report will be expected to become available so that it to can be scrutinised.

    The elections are over get on with it…

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