Referendum – Local Plan – Neighbourhood Plan – Castle Point + Canvey!

A large turnout was recorded amongst Castle Point residents for the EU Referendum, 51,845 people cast their votes.

So far, with just 4 days remaining just 356 comments from residents of Castle Point, developers, councillors and the Canvey town council have been submitted for the Local Plan 2016 consultation.

It brings up the question whether people feel that in a Referendum their opinion counted for something, whereas where local authorities are concerned peoples views are disregarded.

Whether the legal approach to Consultation is too daunting for residents or whether it is a question of disengagement or disenchantment, who can tell?

What is apparent is that many who have voiced support, criticism or led campaign groups have yet to submit comments.

As a group, the Canvey Green Belt Campaigners felt that a Neighbourhood Plan would benefit Canvey Island. See previous Post comment HERE.

Offers of willing participation by residents was indicated during the Canvey town council meeting to consider the proposal.

Now it appears that, if the press article is correct, indications are that little appetite exists for the work involved in producing a Neighbourhood Plan by our councillors, due to the perceived lack of advantages.

This week we will be finalising and delivering our Local Plan Consultation submission, it will include finer points that we believe a Neighbourhood Plan might offer Canvey.

The offer from local councillors to arrange a Local Plan explanation meeting never materialised and little encouragement in the press may be the reason residents are disengaged with the process.

It is noticeable that so few have participated so far in the CPBC Local Plan consultation, whether the total number of submissions are important – (they certainly were with the Referendum), or whether the power of the evidenced submission counts for more where a Local Plan is concerned, time alone will tell. We can only hope the latter! 

Those wishing to submit comment can use this LINK.



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