A Massive Endorsement for the Castle Point Local Plan 2016!

Latest compilation figures from the CPBC Local Plan 2016 reveal the level of support for the latest version of the Plan to have reached record levels!

Previously our local authority used the numbers of residents NOT responding to the withdrawn Core Strategy, as support for that version of the Plan.

The Core Strategy Non-Responders totalled in the region of 80%, CPBC suggested / claimed that as these residents had failed to respond, then they must be in support of the Core Strategy.

Following many years of soul searching and hand wringing, the CPBC local authority have come up with the latest version of the Plan Mk III or Local Plan2016.

The important Non Responders this time reached somewhere near the high 90%, allowing CPBC to claim, if they so wish, an even more emphatic level of support for their Local Plan 2016!All will be revealed during tomorrow nights CPBC Cabinet meeting!

Let’s hope the Examining Inspector is equally impressed!

New Local Plan 2016 Pre-submission Consultation
4.2 The New Local Plan 2016 consultation closed on 30th June 2016. The Council received approximately 1,074 representation forms during this time. Those who responded to the consultation consisted of:
• Local residents:  1,016 representations
• Developers:   14 representations
• Statutory Consultees including other local authorities: 9 representations
• Non-statutory consultees:   7 representations
• Letters and/or documents without a representation form:  28 representations


2 responses to “A Massive Endorsement for the Castle Point Local Plan 2016!

  1. Sharon Ainsley

    Dear Editor

    I wouldn’t be to quick to Judge the 90% of non-respondents. The Documents were intended to Baffle and confuse. All we can do now is hope for the best. Change of Government, Change of Tactic?.

  2. Steve Sawkins

    The representation guidelines warned that representations should cover succinctly all the information and suggested modifications, as there will not normally be a subsequent opportunity to make further submissions based on the original representation made at publication.
    I am reliably informed that some Councillors have been advised not to bother to participate in the process as it is considered that the plan will undoubtedly be rejected by the planning inspector.
    The do nothing approach seems to prevail once again, the consequence of which we may have to live with.

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