Dear Castle Point Council, Get Stuffed! Regards Chelmsford Council! Part II

There appears some unforeseen delay in loading the submission contributions onto the Castle Point Council Local Plan2016 website Portal.

No submissions have been uploaded since the 4th July, this includes our (Canvey Green Belt Campaign) own and, no doubt, future developers.

An enquiry gave this reassurance on the 3rd August;

“a Schedule which will be placed on the webpage by mid August … They are explaining this tomorrow on the webpage”

A look at the CPBC website has found little evidence by way of explanation. This is fairly unimportant as few members of the public indicate concern.

What is apparent is that there may be limited resources (staff) charged with updating the Local Plan2016 portal and that efforts are being deployed in satisfying the Planning Inspectorate’s requirement ahead of residents’.

This does keep the Castle Point public in the dark where developers aspirations for housing development across Castle point is concerned!

Once again CPBC fail where openness and transparency is concerned.

In the meantime we learn of another, Basildon Council being the first, frosty reception to CPBC’s request for assistance to meet our Housing Needs from Chelmsford Council.

Worryingly Chelmsford draw attention to CPBC’s failure to carry out a consistent review of the Green Belt.

This contrasts with the CPBC’s adopted stance towards the protection of all “Virgin” Green Belt.

CPBC’s position appears to be that a consistent approach has been adopted in that, all previously developed Green Belt may be subject for consideration of development, whilst un-developed Green Belt is unavailable!

That the release of some previously developed Castle Point Green Belt may fall foul of the strategic 5 Purposes of the Green Belt, is where supporting evidence may be required to demonstrate a consistent approach.

Chelmsford Council remarked;

” Castle Point have suggested, in their response to Chelmsford’s Issues and Options consultation, that Chelmsford should be meeting some of Castle Point’s unmet housing need.  Officers understand that the reasoning for this is that both Chelmsford and Castle Point have in-migration from London and therefore that this commonality is sufficient for Chelmsford to take some of their housing numbers.  Chelmsford strongly rejects this as a plausible justification to take further housing growth from Castle Point and consider that any unmet need should first be correctly addressed within Castle Points own HMA.  As set out above there is no evidence to suggest that process has been agreed to meet the needs arising within their HMA. 
Furthermore, although some efforts have been made it does not appear that a full and consistent Green Belt review has been carried out.  In the absence of this it is not considered possible for Castle Point to establish that they cannot meet their own housing needs.” 


3 responses to “Dear Castle Point Council, Get Stuffed! Regards Chelmsford Council! Part II

  1. Editor the point you make is compounded by the fact that there has been some extensive activity at the Jotmans Farm site. This activity appears to be the process of an environmental impact assessment, and according to a senior planning officer it is well within the rights of the land owner to undertake such work.

    Persimmons aspirations do not end there again they have submitted a revised planning application details for their Dutch Village site.

    The term Virgin Green Belt seem challengeable to the developers, even though the plan is to relinquish less valued Green Belt.

  2. The government should be listening to the public as it seems they are voting with there feet by leaving London in there droves the brexit vote was a good acid test LONDON OVERWHELMLY VOTED STAY Why ?easy answer really there is so many “ethnic people” and people who are mainly British do not want to share other cultures and so being, move out of our capital city to avoid the inner city problems caused by ” multi-cultralism ” so hence the outskirts get over crowded and the urban sprawl occurs until our foreign cousins are encouraged to integrate,obey our laws and speak our language ie when in Rome do as the Romans do, it will get much much worse I’m afraid and before I get accused of being racist, my answer is why do so many ” Londoners now live in the outskirts even a lot of the imagerants don’t like living like it so until these things are addressed nothing will change.


    Local plan backlog

    Around 60 per cent of English councils still do not have an up-to-date adopted local plan eight months before a key deadline, according to analysis by specialist trade publication Inside Housing. Ministers have previously warned councils to have a plan setting out housing priorities in place by next March or face potential government intervention.

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