Green Field site saved from development!

Whilst Castle Point Borough residents are kept waiting to hear the long overdue Secretary of State’s decision on the Inspectors findings regarding the Jotmans Farm development Inquiry, a recent announcement may offer some hope.

A green field site, proposed for development, on the edge of Nantwich was considered by SoS  Sajid Javid as causing potential “harm to the character and appearance of the open countryside which was too great a sacrifice.”

The local authority, unlike Castle Point and Canvey Island however, does have an adopted Local Plan and the area is covered by a Neighbourhood Plan.

Cheshire East hails planning appeal victory

August 12, 2016

Cheshire East Council has won a major planning appeal preventing 189 homes being built on a green field site in Nantwich.

Muller Property Group had proposed the development on a 14 hectare site off Peter Destapleigh Way in Stapeley, on the southern edge of Nantwich.

The proposed development conflicted directly with the Crewe and Nantwich local plan as well as the forthcoming Cheshire East local plan strategy and the Stapeley neighbourhood plan.

The Secretary of State for communities and local government, Sajid Javid MP, concluded that the harm to the character and appearance of the open countryside was too great a sacrifice.

Councillor Ainsley Arnold, Cheshire East Council Cabinet member for housing and planning, said, “I am absolutely delighted that the Secretary of State has dismissed these appeals. If it had been allowed to go ahead, this development would have resulted in the loss of a substantial area of countryside and a considerable amount of versatile agricultural land.

“This Council and many local people – supported by their local MP Edward Timpson – had very serious concerns that this location would have its rural setting eroded but this ruling protects the residents of Stapeley and surrounding countryside.”


One response to “Green Field site saved from development!

  1. The Castle Points Borough Councils latest Local Development Scheme document March 2016 indicates the following Risks:-

    1) Failure to reach agreement on growth and distribution supported by the evidence base will undermine the process and result in a Local Plan being found unsound.

    2) Failure to engage neighbouring authorities on strategic matters for inclusion in the New Local Plan will result in it being found to be procedurally unsound against the Duty to Cooperate.

    3) Slow progress will see the Council without an up to date local plan. The Government has indicated that those Council’s without a plan by early 2017 may face intervention. The Council may not be successful at defending unwelcome development proposals such as Green Belt sites on appeal. This has implications for the distribution of future development.

    What is not expressed in the above warning is that the Councils funding programme for the defence of unwelcome development is running low. We may be finding planners are having to consider income as a material consideration.

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