Castle Point Local Plan out of the Medal Positions!

With the March 2017 deadline for Local Plans fast approaching NLP Planning reveal that only 31% of local authorities have an adopted Local Plan in place.

Whether Government will have the appetite to challenge so many LA’s that are struggling with the process is doubtful. It may be a case of preliminary offers of assistance.

Now that could be interesting!

An Inspector will look for soundness ahead of first past the post.

NLP Planning write; 

Four years on from the introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) Government is embarking upon further reshaping of the planning system, with one of the key objectives to streamline and quicken the pace of Local Plan production. The Housing and Planning Bill and the recommendations of the Government appointed Local Plans Expert Group (LPEG) both propose measures to address the slow progress in achieving nationwide coverage of up-to-date Local Plans.

Our research shows the NPPF is bringing about a “significant boost” in planned housing supply across England. Excluding London, up-to-date Local Plans are planning for 19% more housing than the equivalent household projections. It is this success Government is aiming to replicate through faster, more focussed, plan making which works with the grain of the existing architecture of the planning system.”

Further information HERE


One response to “Castle Point Local Plan out of the Medal Positions!

  1. The Localism Act 2011, which abolished regional strategies and introduced neighbourhood planning, together with the Framework reaffirms the importance of Local Plans and neighbourhood plans as the primary basis for identifying what kind of development is needed in each area and puts power in the hands of communities to shape the places in which they live. As well as making the system much simpler and easier to use, the Framework is intended to support growth by facilitating the homes and jobs that the country needs and to help protect and enhance our natural and historic environment.

    IF ONLY……

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