Castle Point gains two Wards and loses two! Concerns for Green Belt?

The latest Boundary Commission proposals, if adopted will see Pitsea North West and South East joining Castle Point whilst two eastern wards of our Borough will become part of Southend.

This redrawing of the boundaries, should they take place, should have interesting implications for the Local Plan2016. However unconfirmed and simply proposals will likely be dismissed as such.

Interesting though the thinking behind re-drawing a boundary that currently is defined by the creeks and the A130 major road.

Of course this potentially leaves Jotmans Farm and Glebelands as not performing the Green Belt purpose of keeping two districts apart!

The Commission proposes;

“We propose transferring the two (Borough of Basildon) wards of Pitsea North West and Pitsea South East to the Castle Point constituency. In turn, we propose to transfer from the latter constituency two (Borough of Castle Point) wards to the Southend West constituency.

Additionally we propose to transfer the Ashingdon and Canewdon ward (from the District of Rochford) into the Rochford and Southend East constituency. All these changes to the constituencies of Basildon and Billericay, Castle Point, Rochford and Southend East, South Basildon and East Thurrock, and Southend West result from each of these constituencies currently being outside 5% of the electoral quota, and from the fact that the total allocation of constituencies in Essex has been reduced by one.”

Not having the slightest expertise in these matters we eagerly await more expert opinions!

Whilst some Canvey Islanders may be disappointed that an independent Canvey district appears more unlikely than ever.


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