Will the Castle Point development committee swallow this? Going by recent decisions YES!

Persimmons refuse to give up on Canvey Green Belt development.

Being fully aware that Canvey Island is affected by Surface Water flooding issues and potentially Tidal flooding issues these “Prospective” developers are also aware that development regulations leave them supposedly charged with not increasing flood risk off site.


The National Policy Planning Framework  goes further, it expects developers to lessen off-site flood risk;

 “a site-specific flood risk assessment must demonstrate that the development will be safe for its lifetime taking account of the vulnerability of its users, without increasing flood risk elsewhere, and, where possible, will reduce flood risk overall.”

Persimmon, possibly having noted the leniency with which the castle point council development committee apply rules and policies, admit that their proposed development at the Dutch Village does not comply with the NPPF, expecting Canvey Residents to take comfort that their development will only increase flooding a little!


“For all events considered, the proposed development is shown to have a very small impact on flood risk elsewhere. During the 3.33% AEP event, differences are small, with a minor increase in maximum depths of <50mm along Dyke Crescent – a highway already flooded by approximately 200-250mm. These small relative increases are isolated to flooded highways only, no properties are effected.”

Homeowners in Dyke Crescent and Limburg Road beware!

One response to “Will the Castle Point development committee swallow this? Going by recent decisions YES!

  1. Once again editor may we remind Canvey Residents of the ongoing flood survey .

    This survey is aimed at Canvey Island residents.

    “Canvey Island is well protected against the risk of flooding from the sea. However, the high sea walls that defend homes and businesses from tidal surges bring some flooding problems all of their own!
    Unlike ‘mainland’ areas where rainwater can drain away through conventional drainage systems, most of the rainwater in Canvey has to be pumped away and over the high sea wall. In recent times, this ‘bowl’ like system has struggled to respond to high intensity rainfall events, becoming overwhelmed and causing localised flooding. Over the past two years, agencies such as Essex County Council, Castle Point Borough Council, Essex Highways, the Environment Agency and Anglian Water have invested heavily to reduce the risk of this surface water flooding, increasing resilience to future rainstorm events.
    This survey is intended to inform us how we can best provide you with the information you need to protect yourself and your home. It will also help us understand how you have experienced flooding in the last five years and your preparedness for possible future flood events.

    Please respond as honestly as you can, your views are important to us. By completing this survey, you agree for your feedback to be used to inform future work and communications related to the Essex County Council Flood and Water Management team and wider partnerships. Data from this survey may be shared with partnering agencies such as Castle Point Borough Council, Essex highways, the Environment Agency and Anglian Water”.

    As a resident of Canvey Island you have an opportunity to shout load and clear that OVER DEVELOPMENT is a contributing factor as to why Canvey Island will continue to suffer from surface water flooding incidents, and that the CPBC Planning Authority will have to take some responsibility for their planning process.

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