Lifeboats at the Ready! Castle Point Local Plan to head up the A130 to County?

Residents concerned with matters surrounding the Green Belt and the Castle Point Local Plan2016 may be interested to note the latest plan-making amendments being introduced that may, or may not affect us locally.

Planning minister Gavin Barwell has confirmed a slew of government amendments on plan-making will be introduced.

The amendments will see more collaboration to address issues that require solutions across geographical boundaries, keeping plan making at the lowest level of government possible. We will do that by enabling the Secretary of State to direct two or more authorities to work together to produce a joint development plan document where that would ensure effective local planning in an area, for example, to address housing needs.

The amendments will see plans made at the lowest level of government, keeping things local where possible, by enabling the Secretary of State to invite a county council in a two-tier area to prepare or advise on a local plan where a district council has not done so.

Barwell stressed that the county council power was “not something I would anticipate using regularly, but if you look at the parts of the country in which there has been a struggle to produce local plans, it is often because you have two or three districts where land use is heavily constrained, because large amounts of the land are green belt or protected in some other shape or form.

“Hypothetically, there may be cases in which having a county council look across the county and ask, ‘Where in the county could the housing need go’ might be a way to deal with it.”

The minister insisted that he had no wish “to be the person writing plans for local communities. As the minister, my job is to say to local councils, ‘It’s your job to produce the vision and aspiration for the area.’ I have one role in the process, which is to say, ‘I’m not going to let you duck the tough choices.’”


5 responses to “Lifeboats at the Ready! Castle Point Local Plan to head up the A130 to County?

  1. An Objectively Assessed Housing Need Study and SHMA seeks to establish a balance between jobs and homes across an area, although there is some uncertainty in relation to this arising from unattributed population change (UPC), in the case of Castle Point the residential site at Thorney Bay Caravan Park, it is onerous to over provide for large numbers of employment opportunities without the expectation of additional housing needs.

    It has been recorded that mainly low paid employment expectations will be provided on Canvey Island therefore the level of provision affordable housing needs will have to be met.

    The total figure of approximately 2 to 3 thousand jobs are being emanated from the new large scale industrial sites heading for Canvey Island. Canvey having an ageing population will not provide for this expectation.

    This lends itself to the obvious requirement for large scale housing development on Canvey.
    All very cleverly derived at don’t you think.

  2. I am as usual complained about as I stupidly tell the facts on this blog nothing I have said is untrue and is veriable on the council webcast system I seem to have upset developers who have complained about my comments to the council ……hopefully truth will out …

    • Bill we are appreciative for your insights and communications. Nowhere does it say that plan making should be done in secret, in fact the opposite was promised by the previous regime. Many would suggest that if you are being criticised by developers, you must be doing something right! We feel certain your ward residents and those concerned with green belt issues are appreciative.

  3. Bill
    We do not hear developers complaining about councillors selling them a parcel of land essential to the viability of their development plans despite the residents 10,000 signatures rejecting large scale development on Canvey Island.

  4. Editor would you please allow this addition as further evidence of my comment made on the 27th.

    The PPG also recognises the importance of taking other long-term drivers of the housing market into account in understanding future projections of need. The guidance states that importance should be attributed to employment trends, noting:

    “Plan makers should make an assessment of the likely change in job numbers based on past trends and/or economic forecasts as appropriate and also having regard to the growth of the working age population in the housing market area… Where the supply of working age population that is economically active (labour force supply) is less than the projected job growth, this could result in unsustainable commuting patterns (depending on public transport accessibility or other sustainable options such as walking or cycling) and could reduce the resilience of local businesses. In such circumstances, plan makers will need to consider how the location of new housing or infrastructure development could help address these problems”

    There are no large scale employment provisions being planned for the mainland parts of the Borough.

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