Castle Point Development Record equally Unsound, whether on Flood Zone or Green Field Land!

Recently we read, through the Echo, how in Castle Point 48% of New Homes built between 2013 and 2016 were in the Borough’s 3A Flood Zone, namely Canvey Island!

The “latest” published Castle Point Annual Monitoring Report, supplied as Base Evidence to support the Local Plan2016 suggests that equally the Borough’s Green Belt / greenfield land is equally open to abuse!


Figures from Castle Point Council reveal;

The Percentage of New and Converted Dwellings developed on Previously Developed Land has fallen Dramatically since 2013.

2005/06  99%

2006/07  100%

2007/08  97%

2008/09  94%

2009/10  96%

2010/11  82%

2011/12  97%

2012/13  99%

2013/14  61%

2014/15  52%

Coincidently the 2014/15 figures appear to reveal that 48% of new dwellings were sited on green field / Green Belt land, the same 48% figure that was built during 2013 and 2016 on the Flood Zone at Canvey Island.

Residents may, or may not be relieved to hear cllr Jeffrey Stanley’s opinion that “We as a council will look at every single planning application and ensure the developer has taken the steps to mitigate flood risk.

The risk of flooding from the Estuary is a one in a thousand year occurrence, and recent flooding has owed to (sic) unusual amounts of rainfall and inadequate drainage.

Anglian Water has taken some steps to try and rectify the issue.”

Whilst this statement is open to scrutiny, we wonder if comment will be forthcoming from our local council representatives purporting to be defenders of our Green Belt!

Figures taken from cpbc Annual Monitoring Report accompanying the Local Plan version 3 and statement from the Echo, link HERE. 


One response to “Castle Point Development Record equally Unsound, whether on Flood Zone or Green Field Land!

  1. Editor
    The Cabinet of CPBC have previously been informed by its own planning officers that there is no recognised technical definition of “virgin” Green Belt. National and local policy does not distinguish between different categories of Green Belt. Whilst the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) does exceptionally countenance some development on previously developed land in the Green Belt, that development must still have no greater impact on the Green Belt than existing buildings. A Plan based on an artificial distinction between different “classes“ of Green Belt would not be sound

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