Housing Projections taken Out of DCLG’s Hands

DCLG will no longer be producing the Household Projection figures that are used to reach local authorities Housing Need numbers. In a statement by ONS it gives a veiled hint that those produced so far, may not have been entirely accurate.

“The Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have agreed that ONS will take responsibility with immediate effect for the production and publication of the household projections in England, previously produced by DCLG. We hope that this transfer of responsibility will further improve the consistency between the household projections and the national and subnational population projections and allow us to make some efficiencies in their production.”


2 responses to “Housing Projections taken Out of DCLG’s Hands

  1. Words fail me, is this not incompetence on a grand scale? Assessments could now go up as well as down further complicating the process. It should anyway be left to local government to assess its housing needs and available space in line with what is best for their area of responsibility taking the wishes of the local population into account, it is not however the responsibility of local government to compensate for the lack of policy by central government in regards to immigration, job creation, population spread etc, if the population of the country were spread more evenly with fit for purpose government policies formulated and applied generally there would be no housing crisis and thus no need to spend all this time and money on what is an unsatisfactory process.

  2. Editor
    Could this be the get out of jail card for CPBC and the prelude to an appeals process against the inspectors findings following the recent examination of the Duty to Cooperate aspect of the NPPF.
    It would seem that housing numbers for this part of Essex have been driven by those with interests in the “Thames Gateway” aspirations, a process having very little support from local communities.
    Who Knows.

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