Canvey Flats, Foksville Road, Flood Risk responsibility and Lack of Parking Spaces!




One response to “Canvey Flats, Foksville Road, Flood Risk responsibility and Lack of Parking Spaces!

  1. Steve Sawkins

    The now considered delusional Canvey Town Centre Master Plan Final Report dated February 2010 included the following subsection.

    “6.8 Flood Risk Mitigation

    Common to the entire Thames Estuary, there is a pressing need for growth and new development in Canvey to be coupled with robust guidance for how to design to mitigate and adapt to potential future flooding.

    Based on the discussion with the EA following range of initial ideas may be appropriate to help facilitate new development in Canvey. These are all suggestions that will be explored through the masterplan. Any proposals must be investigated in more detail with an informed decision on the measures needed to reduce risk.

    1.Improved flood warning systems and emergency plans are put in place.

    2.Secondary flood defence strategies are put in place to extend evacuation times and protect Canvey Island from flooding. This could take the form of bungs and mounds to the south of the railway line.

    3.Safe refuges should be provided within the town and safe access / escape routes are provided for times of flooding.

    4.Improvements are made to the drainage channels around the town and these are regularly maintained.

    5.Existing rain water pumps are improved and upgraded.

    6.There are no self contained flats or units at ground floor level (If provided at Ground floor, units would need to multi storey maisonettes or duplex) which allows an area of refuge within the house at upper levels.

    7.Flood proofing ground floors ( water resilient materials, electrical sockets at high levels)

    8.Run off from sites limited to green field levels – Green and brown roofs should be implemented for water attenuation tanks should be considered in new development.

    9.The softening of existing hard surfaces with green landscaping (roads and back alleys within the town) could increase water absorption.

    10.Addition of Sustainable Urban Drainage including swales”

    These flood risk compensation issues will still need to be considered when dealing with a number of planning application, primarily for flatted dwellings, within the once considered environment masquerading to be the CANVEY TOWN CENTRE MASTERPLAN.

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