A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! or cynical! Jotmans Farm Appeal decision Overturned! To Castle Point Residents Relief!

A decision that can only be described as A-m-a-z-i-n-g  for the residents of  Jotmans farm, as they will be relieved to hear that the Secretary of State has overturned the Planning Inspector’s decision to grant planning permission for the initial 265 dwellings proposed by Persimmon’s!

Jotmans Lane Tank.JPG.gallery

Despite the Secretary of State considering that Castle Point Council have only identified 0.4 years Supply of the necessary 5.0 Year Supply of Deliverable Housing, which he considered as “falling well short of expectation”!

The SoS “further agrees with the Inspector that the proposal would bring forward market and affordable housing in an area where there has been a longstanding failure to provide sufficient new housing, and that in view of the prevailing housing supply situation in Castle Point, that carries very substantial weight in favour of the scheme.”

And that he ” agrees with the Inspector that the ecological benefits attract significant weight in favour of the proposal.”

However in relation to Green Belt issues the SoS considers “The proposal would represent inappropriate development in the Green Belt of a significant size. It would permanently reduce openness, and conflict with several of the purposes of designation. These harmful impacts on the Green Belt attract substantial weight.”

Then using Planning rules more intended for Travellers “unauthorised sites” than settled dwellings the SoS applies great weight to the rule that “subject to the best interests of the child, personal circumstances and unmet need are unlikely to clearly outweigh harm to the Green Belt and any other harm so as to establish very special circumstances”.

This “Good News Story” for cpbc, despite the obvious response from cynics that the Secretary of State’s release of the decision of an Appeal held on the 11 September 2015, during the very same week of an announcement to hold a General Election, is conveniently “Timely”, Green Belt campaigners will take some comfort, albeit possibly temporary.

The fear remains that with a new 5 year term of government the likelihood of a Legal challenge in light of Castle Point’s chronic lack of a 5 Year deliverable Housing Supply, may yet be our undoing!

Canvey Island residents must therefore remain concerned that, in the eyes of the majority of cpbc development committee members, Flood Risk does not act as a Constraint on development, making this part of the Borough more liable to growth as has been the case over the previous 4 decades!

In the light of this decision, the actions of CPBC to Withdraw its Local Plan2016 and to Archive the Plan document and Evidence Base, must be of some concern!

The hope now is that similar ruling and defence of Green Belt will apply across Castle Point, congestion will not be increased and the Local Plan2016 may be resurrected.

The link to Secretary of State’s decision and Inspector’s report is below.

Jotmans Lane Castle Point 2216062 (1)

Photograph courtesy; Echo newspaper


9 responses to “A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! or cynical! Jotmans Farm Appeal decision Overturned! To Castle Point Residents Relief!

  1. Excellent News

    It would seem that the Secretary of State has had a very busy day, the Jotmans Farm decision is one of many where planning appeals have been over turned, leading to political suspicion now that a snap election has been called.

    Never the less this is the best news that the Canvey Island community can rejoice in for some considerable time, clearly this planning proposal, should it ever go ahead, would be seriously detrimental to the access and egress situation we experience on a daily basis. .

    There should be no reason now for all green belt sites within the borough to be given the same value and support for its continued existence.

    Well done the “Save Jotmans Farm Campaigners”

  2. Robert Baillie

    This must be a paramount consideration for whomsoever stands in the forthcoming local and general elections. If they are not prepared to fight unconditionally against our green belt development they should not be elected.

  3. Cllr Bill Sharp

    Defending green belt is right and proper but the needed homes in our Borough should be built on previously developed green belt / Brownfield Sites . As the recent policy decisions of the Council have shown . This decision is an excellent one which allow this policy to grow by a five year plan for homes and a Brownfield register to be put in place as a matter of urgency

  4. Jacqui Thornton

    Despite my misgivings when I first began campaigning against development in the Green Belt, with hindsight I have to say our current MP has provided invaluable support to us, and other campaign groups, in setting up meetings with various Ministers, and obtaining written clarification on government policy issues in tackling CPBC interpretations.

  5. Bill
    Thanks once again for your clarification, however it is difficult to know who is calling the tune now that CPBCs local plan evidence base has been archived.
    Are we once again working with the 1998 Adopted Plan where the Proposals Map clearly defines the Boroughs Green Belt?
    If this is not the case then we eagerly await a boundary change proposal.

  6. Good, but Canvey Supply is still there and the last development was totally inappropriate and overdeveloped. It ultimately was refused because they couldn’t fulfil the conditions. That still meant Councillors Mumford and Letchworth voted for less conditions. Even the mainland Councillors couldn’t accept that. Councillor Mumford is standing again, just remember that when you vote!! Doesn’t mean Thorney Bay won’t remain does it? Hope our MP and the mainland Councillors support us as much as they did Jotman’s Lane.

  7. Cllr Bill Sharpe says that “previously developed greenbelt land “should be given planning permission. But how do you define these sites. The Tory councillors in Castle Point recently gave planing consent to land, north of Daws Heath, for aproximately 50 dwellings, when all that was on the land were 2 horses boxes and 4 chicken sheds. How does this qualify as “PREVIOUSLY DEVELOPED LAND? Cllr Alan Bayley.

  8. It is good to see some new names amongst the comments. In the light of the approaching Elections, may I explain a few unofficial rules.
    Despite the point being doubted, we do attempt to conduct the Canvey Green Belt Campaign and blog on a non-political basis.
    Comments are welcomed and will be approved as long as they are based on information and positive ideas for Canvey and the Borough’s best interests.
    Most Respectfully we would suggest that any political rants or personal attacks have no place here, as the integrity of what this campaign group have attempted to achieve, over the 10 years or so of its existence, may become undermined, and we are unwilling to allow this Blog degenerate.
    As we have noted most political groups have their own social media sites and publication budgets, whilst residents may say what they wish on similar outlets.
    Thank you all for taking the trouble to follow the Blog and to forward the betterment of Canvey Island and the Borough.

  9. Bill
    It is imperative that the collation of the Brown Field Sites Register undertaken by CPBC is not a process completed behind closed doors.
    Given the governments approach residents will wake up one day to find that their green field surroundings have been downgraded to Brown Field Status and that the planning process accelerates its development.
    “Planning Granted in Principle.
    The government has also introduced a new way of obtaining planning permission through these new registers. It will make it easier for developers to deliver housing in the places where people want to live.
    ‘Permission in principle’ will simplify the planning process for developers. It will give them more certainty over whether a site is suitable for development ahead of working up costly proposals to obtain full planning permission. This will encourage new development and increase the amount of land available to build on, helping to boost housing supply.
    Further legislation will follow this year to roll-out ‘permission in principle’ more widely through the planning system”
    Surely a consultation open and transparent process should take place.

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