A Tactical Withdrawal, temporary Reprieve? What is going on at Castle Point Council and its Local Plan?

In a letter from Castle Point Council, dated 31st May 2017, we learn of the latest developments in the Persimmons proposal to develop the Dutch Village Green Belt;

Dear Sir/Madam


Proposal: Erect up to 275 new homes and retail/community facilities (use classes A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, C2 and/or D1) with new roundabout junction onto A130 Canvey Road, associated parking, open space, ecological enhancements, landscaping, drainage and flood mitigation measures (outline)
Location: Land To The East Of Canvey Road Canvey Island Essex


I refer to my consultation letter in respect of the above application and write to advise you that the application has been withdrawn and the Council will not therefore take any further action in the matter.


I thank you for your interest in the proposal and I will ensure that you are consulted again if a further application is submitted in the future.


Yours faithfully,

S Rogers

Head of Regeneration & Neighbourhoods


3 responses to “A Tactical Withdrawal, temporary Reprieve? What is going on at Castle Point Council and its Local Plan?

  1. Steve Sawkins

    Congratulation to all those involved in the battle to save the Boroughs Green Belt, for the time being at least developers may have decided that its development is too problematical.

    The need for caution is obvious given this recent ruling

    “Loss of employment land precludes housing scheme at bus depot

    An inspector has blocked plans to build 14 homes in place of a bus garage and workshop in Worcestershire, ruling that the loss of employment land would be unacceptable after the appellant failed to demonstrate that the business is no longer viable.
    22 May 2017
    Matt Moody, The Planner”

    This example is interesting given the Councils search for Brownfield sites. This will inevitably lead to future employment development on Green Belt there being no other option remaining. The increase travel caused to find employment also contradicts policies.

  2. Great news let’s hope it stays that way

  3. John T Pharro.

    It is great news, but please don’t take your eye off the ball. Over and inappropriate development at Canvey Supply is still not completely dead and could resurface anytime. Thorney Bay latest development is probably going to be approved. Whereas the green belt may be protected this time it changes nothing regarding the other reasons for no major development on Canvey because it still has hazardous installations, still is a level 3 flood risk so please don’t abandon support opposing the other major developments because of just one green belt success.

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