Dates, Canvey Islanders won’t even Notice! Thorney Bay’s, on its way!

Canvey Islanders, it is said, haven’t the nous to have a cynical thought cross their little minds.

Firstly, following the Election announcement on the very last day prior to the period of Purdah commencing, the Jotmans Farm Appeal Inquiry was Rejected by the then Secretary of State, thereby saving important mainland Green Belt from development.

Secondly, tomorrow, 6.6.2017, just 2 Days prior to the General Election, castle point council development committee will decide the Recommended Approval “first phase” of the Thorney Bay vast green field development, on Canvey Island.

Thorney Bay Beach Camp, Canvey Island, Essex

copyright Jason Hawkes

This so called first phase at Thorney Bay amounts to 113 new dwellings.

The development committee Agenda paperwork indicates officers advise :

It is not considered necessary for Members to visit the site prior to determination of the application.

This despite :

To the north of the site is the Local Wildlife Site (LoWS) Thorneyfleet Creek, which comprises a water body with Common Reed and rough grassland; beyond this is residential development. To the east is Public Open Space, in the form of a grassed area and children’s play space. To the south and west is the wider expanse of the Campsite. A water treatment works lies to the west of the wider site and beyond this is the Calor gas terminal. To the south is the Canvey Island Sea Defence, beyond which is the River Thames.

Of the Health and Safety Executive’s comment;

..more than 10% of the housing development area lies within the (Calor Gas Hazardous) middle zone….and HSE Advised Against Granting Planning Permission.

The HSE then go onto excuse the proposed development layout, stipulating that castle point council must not in future use the self regulating facility, instead be referring any future development directly to the HSE!

The Case Officer comment, which will no doubt be pointed out to the planning committee members in the Agenda Paper states; 

Health and Safety Executive  No objection.

As far as potential flooding is concerned, especially as the site is directly reliant on the Canvey Sea wall Defences;

Environment Agency  No objection: following the receipt of a revised FRA, subject to conditions and the satisfaction of the LPA that the proposal will be safe for its lifetime

It should also be noted, should the are become flooded yet again that responsibility has been relieved of the Leal Local Flood Authority (Essex CC.);

It is the applicant’s responsibility to check that they are complying with common law if the drainage scheme proposes to discharge into an off-site ditch/pipe. The applicant should seek consent where appropriate from other downstream riparian landowners. 
The Ministerial Statement made on 18th December 2014 (ref. HCWS161) states that the final decision regarding the viability and reasonableness of maintenance requirements lies with the LPA. It is not within the scope of the LLFA to comment on the overall viability of a scheme.

But of course the Rumours emanating from CPBC is that Thorney Bay will become a Park Home site, So None of these Rules Will Apply!

1,600 static caravans could quite easily become 1,000+ Park Homes, and there is the next Local Plan’s 5 Year Housing Supply.

Let existing Canvey Island residents and future property owners be warned!

We make no apology for over-simplifying these issues but for anybody interested the webcast and recording should be available via;

The meeting Agenda papers are available via;



One response to “Dates, Canvey Islanders won’t even Notice! Thorney Bay’s, on its way!

  1. Steve Sawkins

    The explanation below has been taken from an email response following an enquiry as to why the HSE had not concluded an Advise Against when considering planning application 14/0620/FUL.

    The HSE replied.

    “HSE decided that case specific advice, outside of the HSE Planning Advice Web App, should be provided in respect of planning application 14/0620/FUL. This is due to HSE’s ongoing interest in proposed developments at the Thorney Bay Caravan Park site, including planning application CPT/707/11/OUT, and the level of information which has been provided in planning application 14/0620/FUL about the scale of the proposed housing development within the middle zone of the Calor Gas Ltd site. HSE has similarly requested that any subsequent developments at Thorney Bay Caravan Park be referred to HSE for case-specific advice rather than use the HSE Planning Advice Web App”

    One wonders if CPBC explained that the deliverability of the proposed 600 homes at Thorney Bay has been put in doubt because Essex County Council had made it quite clear that it would not be funding the cost of the final stretch of the Roscommon Way.

    The site applicant is only willing to set aside the land for this purpose.

    As explained the submitted plan CPT/707/11/OUT has previously attracted the HSE Do- Not Advise Against response on the basis that only 60 dwelling 10% will encroach in to the middle zone of Calor Gas.

    However Planning Officers have argued that because planning application 14/0620/FUL is part of the bigger site plan its over subscription within the middle safety zone should be acceptable.

    This would seem to be reasonable to the HSE provided that application CPT/707/11/OUT does not then go on to present an intrusion in to the Calor Gas greater than 60 dwellings.

    If of course application CPT/707/11/OUT fails to materialise then the HSE by opting away from its usual methodology will have been compromised by the dispensation granted towards application 14/0620/FUL

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