Why Must Canvey Island be the Answer to ALL of Castle Point Council’s Problems? Because they consider us Old, Fat and Deprived!

As we have said before, Canvey Islanders know our place and appear to be willing to absorb as much punishment and discomfort that our overseers wish to dump on us!

The latest re-emergence is in the name of delivering better Health Care to the Island population, or in other words, yes you have got it, Saving Money!

The Castle Point and Rochford Health Care Trust are consulting (very privately I would add), on a Plan to close the Long Road ex Council Offices facility And – Get This – handing the building back to Castle Point Borough Council.


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The very same CPBC, who are desperate to identify as much land on Canvey Island to provide as many Housing development Sites as possible for their Unsound New Local Plan MkIII !

We can all guess how this will end up, with yet another Canvey Island Flatted development!

In a document that seriously denigrates the current surgeries on Canvey Island so as to imply that most should be closed and incorporated into the Paddocks health centre, chiefly it appears to cast an alarming financial cloud over the Castle Point and Rochford situation, and implying that the Canvey situation is the cause of the financial mess the Trust is in, or that only Canvey, can provide the means of relieving the area’s budget shortfall!

The proposal is that 25,000 Canvey Island patients will be accommodated at the Paddocks surgery!

The document goes on to summarise;

“Why Canvey Island?
As detailed above it can be concluded that there are issues within the Canvey area which can be summarised as follows;
*Increasing elderly population living in their own homes  *High levels of deprivation  *Increasing obesity leading to an increase in type 2 diabetes  *Regeneration of Canvey Island with increased housing and population growth  *Deteriorating GP premises (excluding Central Canvey Primary Care Centre)”

And so we go around in circles with cpbc creating and increasing the problems for Canvey Island in the name of Planning:

Because of the perceived issues, Canvey must be continued to be developed;

Because of over-development, we have perceived issues!

It doesn’t help when a Health Care Trust resort to tired, out dated CPBC clichés to identify perceived issues with Canvey Island and its residents to support its intended course of Action! As if none of the other towns in the district, nor Rochford have any of the same issues.

If anybody can remember the original Rejected cpbc Local Plan, that included an Aspiration for a second large health centre.

Fortunately with the first attempt at a cpbc Local Plan, the Examining Inspector identified what cpbc were attempting, and was rejected basically because of an imbalance of Housing Growth distribution across the Borough. That is cpbc wished to direct the large housing sites onto Canvey Island!

It is noticeable that ONLY the Canvey surgeries are under Scrutiny, none of the Rochford, Daws Heath, Benfleet, Hadleigh nor Thundersley are considered!

Castle Point &Rochford Clinical Commissioning Group applied to NHS England for a pot of money, which has been granted, for the following:

To hand back the former Long Road Council Offices to castle point borough council and to move facilities, xray etc, into the ccpcc (Paddocks) to form a new Canvey health hub.

To facilitate these changes, structural changes and layout changes are necessary in the ccpcc, of which they’re already at a point where they intend to push ahead with this next year.

Currently awaiting approval from castle point borough council. 

Castle Point Borough Council are desperate to identify development land as so much is protected on the mainland. In carrying out this search they would prefer, so as to avoid challenge, for this to be as much Brownfield land as possible.

Being as they appear to have few scruples in their choice of land, in a Flood Zone, in a Critical Drainage Area, near Hazardous Industrial sites etc, a Listed Building, such as the NHS facility in the old Canvey Council Long Road building, should prove little obstacle for an allocation of Flats!

The fact that the building in question was originally Canvey Island district council’s, will make even more sense for our mainland controlled borough council to make use of this “Gift”!

The Long Road, ex Canvey Island Urban District Council office and chamber is, as mentioned, a Listed Building. CPBC indicate that they consider it “Both historically and architecturally significant.”

And yet cpbc have left it barely maintained and Neglected!

If this issue has caused a little stir amongst any Canvey Islanders, they may wish to look a little further into the document.

Ignore the initial 10 pages of college boy “blue sky outside of the box” bull **** and you will read some pretty damning findings , most probably out of date, on our Canvey Island Surgeries.

Is it too late to do anything about it?

Most probably, but lets see if this draws a response from our representatives.

The document can be read via this Link: https://castlepointandrochfordccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body/governing-body-meetings/2017/27-july-2017/2753-item-09-canvey-outline-business-case-270717/file

Then consider, Why Must Canvey Island appear to be the Answer to All of Castle Point’s Problems?

Further History of the Long Road building can be found via CanveyIsland.org the Canvey Community Archive


2 responses to “Why Must Canvey Island be the Answer to ALL of Castle Point Council’s Problems? Because they consider us Old, Fat and Deprived!

  1. Editor
    The document referred to sets out the “Outline Business Case” which details proposal for the required alterations to the Canvey Primary Care Centre to create the CCG’s (Clinical Commissioning Group) first “Integrated Primary Care Hub” i.e. ALL UNDER ONE ROOF.

    Whilst this is admirable it would have been appreciated if those who are to be the end users were actually consulted.

    The Governments Five Year Forward View published in October 2014 sets out a clear and bold strategic framework within which context health planning will sit. It sets out how the health service and its partners can meet the challenges of changing health needs, rising expectations and constrained public resources by addressing the following gaps: i.e. failings

    1. Health and wellbeing gap and the need to invest in prevention;
    2 Care and quality gap hence the creation of the new models of care.

    The plan makes a commitment to put patients first by trusting professionals to drive up standards, deliver better value for money and create a healthier nation. Along with this strategic vision the CCG’s Strategy is to build on the good services that our local primary care teams are providing and to ensure that we have the infrastructure in place to deliver a wider range of integrated services closer to our patients.

    In other words with major reductions in public spending, public sector organisations will have to make difficult financial decisions. It should read closer to some of our patients, as it has not taken into account the proposed large scale Park Home development specifically aimed at the over 60 group, some distance away.

    A statement from this document tells us why we need this change:-

    “Castle Point Council’s Canvey Town Centre Masterplan sets out its regeneration plans for the town centre. To support the regeneration, the area will require additional housing to support the growth with a proposed housing growth in Canvey of 760 homes by 2031, consequently the potential patient growth for GP and healthcare services resulting from the housing growth will be 1,824 (based on the national average of 2.4 residents per dwelling). It is therefore imperative that investment is provided into the healthcare estate and innovative ways of working are looked at there to future proof the increasing demand on healthcare services”

    This statement is out dated and therefore misleading in that the Master Plan regeneration for our Town Centre has been abandoned therefore the housing numbers required to pay for the plan no longer exists.
    However despite there actually being no need for the addition of large scale housing development on Canvey Island, in line with CPBCs own Scoping Report. The plans however for the new Primary Care Centre Hub have been supported by CPBC, once again treating Canvey Island in isolation to the remainder of the borough and fully endorsed by the stakeholders, the proposal has also been endorsed by the CCG’s Clinical Executive Committee and Governing Body.

    Consideration has not been given to the fact that this the same Paddocks Primary Care Centre site is where CPBC are proposing to redevelop the community hall, again building houses to pay for it and subsequently substantially reducing the heavily used and needed car parking facility.

    An equality impact assessment: – is a process designed to ensure that a policy, project or scheme does not discriminate against any disadvantaged or vulnerable people

    AND YET AT 1.8.7 Equality Impact assessment the document tells us.

    An Equality Impact assessment has confirmed that, although there is some impact upon age and disability, a full equality impact assessment is not required. However, the impact on these groups will continue to be monitored and a full equality impact assessment carried out if and when required.
    Surely the full “equality impact assessment” needs to be under taken with public consultation before any final decisions are taken. Those health service providers via very local surgeries are invaluable to those who have come to trust their care provider’s judgment.

    To place such a huge responsibility for the health care of the whole of Canvey Island under one roof to save money is simply tempting fate. To undergo such a fundamental change in the Heath Service provision for its whole community without its involvement is simply undemocratic.

    “This NHS Castle Point and Rochford Clinical Commissioning Group Canvey Primary Care Centre Outline Business Case” document is a must read presentation.

  2. Editor
    We are told that :-
    “General practice and wider primary care services face increasingly unsustainable pressures. Castle Point & Rochford’s Primary Care Strategy identifies that general practice wants and needs to transform the way it provides services to reflect these growing challenges.

    A good place to start is to look at “practice hub” models. This is building and grouping member practices around localities. Hubs would provide a full range of integrated services giving localised access to more specialist services and diagnostics in addition to the full range of primary care services. Each Hub will provide a model of care designed around the needs of that population and support the business strategy of individual member practices”.

    Whilst it makes sense to look at ways to improve the delivery of our health care requirements for the existing population, having identified that in the case of Canvey Island health care demands are increasingly unsustainable. Why then is CPBC intent on massively increasing the Islands population by way of continued large scale development.

    A better way to start is to take CPBCs planning aspiration masquerading as regeneration for Canvey Island out of the equation.

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