Canvey Island’s “flood” of Good News stories!

Never let it be said that the Canvey Green Belt Campaign group dwell on “poor us” missives as we acknowledge, the flood of Canvey Island  “Good News Stories,” being brought to our attention across social media of late. We are more than happy to contribute and post the following Hoorahs!

Those residents troubled should we see a Rain Storm in future similar to those of 2013 and 2014 can rest assured.

They will know that their Homes now have access to the FLOOD Re insurance scheme. This scheme insures they will be able to get competitive House Insurance from practically the whole insurance market.

Provided their homes were built prior to 2009!

In 2015 Castle Point Council assembled a high profile delegation and attended Parliament seeking £24,500,000 so as to upgrade the Canvey Island drainage system and to prevent any further flooding of Canvey Homes.

We have no further update on the request by Parliament to provide breakdown figures of exactly what the money is required for.

We also must pay tribute to the tireless and determined efforts that MAP, the Multi Agency Partnership, of the Environment Agency, Anglian Water, Essex County Council, Castle Point Council and Essex Highways are making to keep our Island Homes dry and Residents safe in the event of a future storm capable of bringing Surface Water Flooding.

It can ONLY, therefore be a short matter of time before scheduled routine maintenance of the Hole Haven Sluice is carried out.

Sluice 4Sluice 3Sluice 2

Sluice 1



One response to “Canvey Island’s “flood” of Good News stories!

  1. Editor
    “Flood Investigation Report of October 2014 commented,
    As an island which is frequently below sea level and has an extremely flat topography, achieving effective drainage on Canvey Island has been an ongoing issue. The drainage system is exceptionally interlinked and complex and the dense urban layout in some areas contributes to a reliance on private culverts, public sewers and open watercourses, together with pumps and other infrastructure to mitigate flood risk. As such, where even small issues occur in the drainage system they can have significant effects and dramatically increase flood risk to the local area”

    Recently praised by a senior Councilor that works undertaken since this time has significantly reduced the risk of surface water flooding on Canvey Island. He particularly identified with the pumps that had the facility to discharge water over the sea wall at Thorney Bay, in doing so providing a facility not restricted by tidal influence. Unfortunately water needs to be able to reach these pumps in order for them to function. Again there is another example that due to lack of maintenance the over grown reed beds totally prevent the operation of this vital facility.

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