The Paddocks Future remains in the Balance. Residents appear unconvinced by Cabinet Assurances!

Canvey Island Residents were treated to an explanation of the future intentions for the Paddocks Community Hall by the cpbc cabinet member for regeneration  during a Community meeting on the 9th October.


The Paddocks community centre, Canvey Island

Apparently all options are open and a report from consultants is awaited.

Promises to approximately 150 residents in attendance, were given that a Hall would remain on site as would the war memorial.

The underlying prospect is that there appears an unwillingness to commit £1,600,000 on a refurbishment. This figure appears to be an update on the cpbc estimate of March this year of £500,000.

A substantial figure of £4-5 million was mentioned for a new Hall and the impression given, albeit unconfirmed, this is the preferred choice of direction. A new smaller Hall funded by development of Housing (Flats) and the relocation of extra Health Service facilities into the existing NHS building already on site.

Residents should be aware that other local authority owned building and land in the Borough, especially on Canvey Island, will also be examined as to how best to release assets and improve the broken Housing Market. The Government scheme to encourage this land release was covered by the FT in a 2016 article;

Councils to sell £129m of land and property

Thirty-two authorities identify land to build 9,000 homes in first phase of Cabinet Office scheme. Councils will sell £129m of land and property in the early stages of what the government hopes will become a much wider push to raise cash from assets, helping to mitigate budget cuts. In England, 32 local authorities have identified land to build 9,000 homes in the first phase of a Cabinet Office scheme to encourage public sector bodies to reassess their land and property holdings to cut running costs and raise money from sales. Another 100 councils have recently signed up to the scheme.

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3 responses to “The Paddocks Future remains in the Balance. Residents appear unconvinced by Cabinet Assurances!

    Padddocks Hall Information
    The Paddocks, Long Road, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 0JA
    The Paddocks is a large complex of function rooms, situated in the centre of Canvey Island within walking distance of the town centre.
    There are a variety of rooms available including the impressive main hall which seats 300 for a full dinner, and smaller halls for more intimate events ranging from 5-175 guests.
    For a 360 tour of the Main Hall please click the link below.
    It is an excellent venue for large gatherings ranging from social functions to shows and conferences. The second hall can hold up to 175 people and both the halls have their own bar and lounge area. The remainder of the complex comprises foyers, cloakrooms, extensive kitchen facilities, dressing rooms, a small hall and two committee rooms on the upper floor. There is ample car parking and in the summer months there is a small splash park
    Where did it all go wrong ? The simple answer is that there has been a serious lack of investment to maintain this very valued facility. Now CPBC see it as a money box having let it get as they suggest beyond economical repair.
    Not convinced of this the Canvey Community insists that renovation of the existing hall is the first and only option. A facility that has served the community well, especially when needed to accommodate large numbers of the public for specific issues, the protest against the proposed storage of LNG Liquid Natural Gas, being one meeting that comes to mind.

  2. After being at the meeting last evening, I have been giving it a lot of thought, I get feeling the council are trying to convince us that ” it’s not viable to spend £1.5 million on but to knock it down and re-build at the cost of about £5 million” I don’t know what planet they are on, but once again, I do not feel any thought has gone into this, but even a new build is going to need maintenance. They say “£1.5 million to carry out temporary repairs, it will always need money spent on it” BUT SO WILL A NEW BUILD! For fair wear and tear. To be honest I personally do not believe a word of it. It will be built on full stop! They will come up with some excuse or other to get round it. WE CANNOT COPE WITH ANY MORE HOMES IN THIS AREA, THAT INCLUDES , CASTLE POINT, RAYLEIGH, ROCHFORD AND SOUTHEND THERE JUST ISNT THE ROOM OR INFASTRUCTURE IN PLACE.

  3. Letter to the Echo dated 27th March 2017.

    My opinion and concerns were mirrored by a well-attended Canvey Island Community Forum meeting last night.

    The Paddocks.

    At a recent Castle Point Council Cabinet meeting it was agreed to release from reserves a sum of £15,000 for a feasibility study into the best way forward for the Paddocks Community Centre on Canvey Island.
    Despite his best efforts Cllr Smith did not come across very convincingly when reassuring Canvey Councillors that this much treasured facility would not be diminished in anyway.
    Cllr Smith went on to state that a new hall could be built while the existing facility still remained available. This very idea would of course mean the loss of a considerable portion of the only free car parking space serving the Health and Town Centre.
    The immediate issue it would seem, is that the toilet facilities available at the hall are in need of renovation, surely a local builder would be pleased to undertake such work at the cost of £15,000. Should it be decided that the Centre is beyond economical repair then the question should be asked why?
    Some would predict that CPBCs feasibility study concludes that the whole of the Paddocks site needs completely redesigning and that a housing project is part of the outcome!
    This could quickly result in CPBC granting, in principle planning permission, in line with the Canvey Island regeneration scheme.
    Some would further suggest that the proposed consultation process ends with additional public expenditure, culminating with no alternative outcome from that being imposed. Hopefully this will not be the case.

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