Canvey Green Belt Campaign Important Announcement – Change of Website.

Shortly our website will be closing.

Please Note all Communication and Updates will be continued through these 3 existing media outlets;

This current WordPress Blog:

On Facebook via:

On Twitter via: @canveygreenbelt

Only the website will be affected:

After 9 long years and having served its purpose well the decision has been made for this arm of communication to be closed. This is purely a cost cutting measure. Funds have diminished and to continue, the Campaign will be managed via “out of pocket” expenses, for the foreseeable future.

We hope that those of you supporting AND those opposing the Canvey Green Belt Campaign will continue to equally enjoy, and be annoyed by our ramblings. We are grateful for every single “View” that we have received and Comment made, Long May it Continue!

The important thing is to care about maintaining the good of Canvey Island and improving the bad.

Only when Islanders adopt a position of Indifference or Apathy will we be unable collectively to Challenge a Castle Point Local Plan that may promote Inappropriate Development, leading to the loss of Green Space, increase in Pollution and Traffic Congestion, Inadequate Infrastructure and Increased Flood Risk.

We hope to continue to please, annoy, amuse, war, criticise, and inform for as long as we can via the outlets listed below. Your continued Support and Input remains, as always, Appreciated!

Please Add our continuing Media Outlets to your Computer Favourites list:

Twitter   @canveygreenbelt


April 1st 2015 Blog Post


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