Watch this Space! Castle Point agree to cut corners on a Local Plan, Green Belt in the Mix + 90,000 houses for South Essex coming to an area near you soon!

Castle Point council, last evening agreed a strict timetable to put in place a Local Plan that would be both legally compliant and Sound.

The new Local Plan will be based around the withdrawn 2014 version and will include taking consideration of previous consultation responses, thereby eliminating the need to alter and delay the Plan following a further consultation period.

local plan.jpg-pwrt3

Like a bad Smell, this just will not Go Away!

The previously objectionable Regional Spatial Strategy appears to have been replaced by the Joint Strategic Plan (see below) which appears to impose a similar intense high level of Housing Delivery onto south Essex, and which Castle Point will be pressured to provide its share, whether constraints exist or ot.

The Canvey Island independent party abstained on the grounds that the intended use of Green Belt for Housing Development went against their principles and policies.

As far as Canvey Island is concerned we have now entered a situation of doubt, surrounding the distribution of Housing Growth.

What is clear is that this Plan serves the delivery of Housing Growth over the immediate, and upto the 15 year term.

The “promised” infrastructure will remain as it has previously, reliant on Government and County releasing funds.

The Big Question will remain unanswered, following last evening’s decision.

That is, would the Government’s Chief Planner have applied the existing and unique Constraints on Canvey Island Housing growth in a fairer method than those emerging from the Castle Point council controlled Local Plan?

For better or worse, we may never know, or do we?

That is if cpbc keep to schedule and can satisfy the Secretary of State on the Local Development Plan’s timetable and delivery!

“The Association of South Essex Local Authorities (ASELA) consists of Basildon, Brentwood, Castle Point, Essex County, Rochford, Southend-on-Sea, and Thurrock Councils.” – “along with preparing a Joint Strategic Plan for South Essex would assist future plans for development to ensure new transport links, health and social infrastructure, business and skill opportunities are all included and will ensure that the 90,000 homes that have been identified as being need across south Essex over the next twenty years are built.” 


2 responses to “Watch this Space! Castle Point agree to cut corners on a Local Plan, Green Belt in the Mix + 90,000 houses for South Essex coming to an area near you soon!

  1. Steve Sawkins

    The commitment taken by CPBCs leading group to continue to plough more money into another local plan to ward off the threat of Government Intervention was well orchestrated. This process will now resume once again, with an additional selection of unknown sites within our borough, including known green belt sites, under attack from development.

    The Canvey Island Independent Parties leaders declared that his group had spent some time deliberating on the proposal and had subsequently decided to ABSTAIN meaning that they unanimously did not vote at all. It was expressed that this option was chosen so as to allow for the process to go forward unopposed.

    The stance taken by the CIIP effectively leave Canvey Island unrepresented in the local planning process, unopposed means unopposed. It stands to reason that representation from the CIIP at the Local Plans examination stage, should there be a reason to object, now lacks any credibility.

    The decision by the CIIP or the Canvey Island Town Council ( effectively one of the same ) not to undertake a Canvey Island Neighbourhood Plan leaves the island exposed to further unadulterated inappropriate development.

  2. So what a negative action by CIIP, simply ducking the issue and not working for Castle Point residents!! You have to be in to win and it is no good complaining if you dont take part in something you are part of!! They were elected to represent and have shown contempt for those who voted for them. Yes the plan is not going to ideal but it needs everyone to work together not throw teddy out of the pram!!! Poor show CIIP.

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