Taking the Castle out of Castle Point!

Final recommendations for the Parliamentary Boundary changes are available via this link



4 responses to “Taking the Castle out of Castle Point!

  1. Editor
    Its a big document this may be helpful.

    145. We included the two Borough of Basildon wards of Pitsea North West and Pitsea South East in the Castle Point constituency, and, in turn, two Borough of Castle Point wards of St. James and Victoria in the Southend West constituency. The District of Rochford ward of Ashingdon and Canewdon was included in our proposed Rochford and Southend East constituency. The considerable degree of change in south Essex was due to the fact that five existing constituencies in the area had electorates that are outside the permitted electorate range.

  2. No doubt house prices have dropped overnight with this momentous executive decision always got to change things for no real reason and they get paid for it – you can’t make it up – what next free milk for old age pensioners.

  3. Is this a gerrymandering situation. Could the voting trends of these wards have a significant outcome in future elections ?
    Please advise…..

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