The Paddocks, time to wave the White Flag? With the CPBC Number Crunchers setting Budgets and Procurement Costs, Residents may be Glad to see a New Hall at all!

Time for Canvey Island Residents to hoist the White Flag and Surrender on the Paddocks and the cpbc Local Plan?

Castle Point Borough council’s official newsletter delivered by their official bugle, the Echo newspaper, has softened the blow and hopefully for them, removed the fear of Residents demonstrating at the forthcoming cpbc cabinet meeting when their “plans” for the Paddocks Community Centre are made known to the public.

“The council’s new report estimated that a refurbishment of the hall would cost £4.1million, just £200,000 less than demolishing and replacing the building entirely.”

Another case of a local authority inviting estimators to skew potential costs to suit a pre-devised scheme so as to allocate Housing on local authority land?

For a less than 50 year old building to be allowed to fall into £4,000,000’s worth of disrepair, borders on criminal negligence!

A similar process is being allowed to occur at the Council building in Long Road!

Compare this to the costs of, admittedly a smaller community centre at Wisbech. Where a 2 Hall development has been completed for the cost of £1,100,000! More HERE.

Marshland Hall

But then again, Canvey Island is in a Flood Risk zone and will require the expense of a Refuge Area on a second floor.

However, in an early report to Cabinet CPBC proposal for a new Paddocks replacement Hall, the floor space indicated was only an overall function size of 15 x 30 metres, divided into one large, or 3 separate Halls of 10 x 15 metres. Full Capacity of: Standing = 900 persons  or Seated = 450 persons. Significantly less than current capacities.

The potential for extra Housing Numbers on Canvey Island cannot be resisted and obviously was the driving factor in the gathering of costings, where refurbishment is concerned, having withdrawn routine building maintenance from the budget many years ago!

The Plans for the Island that the CPBC Lead Group covet, were sown decades ago. The neglect of community buildings, the Paddocks and the accumulation of plots of land, the temptation to locate development on Canvey is indoctrinated in the thinking of the decision makers at CPBC.

Perhaps we should be thankful that it has not been suggested that just one community hall, Runnymede, should be enough for a Borough the size of Castle Point.

We assume the New Hall will be allocated an ongoing maintenance budget, otherwise the Paddocks site may just as well be turned over to Housing Development in its entirety now!

Now that the news of the planned demise of the Paddocks has already been fed to the CPBC Newsletter, sorry the Echo, the cabinet meeting’s Paddocks Item can be presented as another “Good News” story by cllr smith!

Meanwhile we can be left to quibble about what they mean by the word “Plan”, as in “there are No Plans for the Paddocks”!



2 responses to “The Paddocks, time to wave the White Flag? With the CPBC Number Crunchers setting Budgets and Procurement Costs, Residents may be Glad to see a New Hall at all!

  1. Editor
    Why are we surprised? The following is an extract from the Cabinet Report presented on the 17th January 2018. The whole report is a recommended read.
    “The Paddocks Long Road Canvey Island”
    Cabinet Member:
    Councillor Riley – Leader of the Council – Strategic Partnerships
    Councillor Smith – Regeneration & Business Liaison
    1. Purpose of Report
    1.1 This report is to inform the Cabinet of proposals for The Paddocks site, Long Road Canvey Island.
    2. Links to Council’s priorities and objectives
    2.1 The initiatives described in this report are directly linked to the Council’s “Transforming our Community” priority – incorporating objectives for a sustainable future.
    3. Recommendations
    3.1 That Cabinet note the current condition of the existing Paddocks building;
    3.2 That Cabinet note the opportunities afforded by a careful analysis of the wider site area;
    3.3 That Cabinet note the preparation of a detailed business case for a new community hall on the Paddocks site;
    3.4 That Cabinet receive further reports on the proposal as the business case evolves
    6.1 The Paddocks site on Canvey Island is an important community asset, and it is therefore entirely appropriate that the condition of the asset and its potential are regularly reviewed.
    6.2 The Paddocks Community Centre building is recognised as a unique and valued space and therefore as it reaches the end of its design life, there is an important opportunity to review and plan for a new future community facility.
    6.3 The construction of a new Community Centre will be dependent on enabling development” on other parts of the site.
    Editor, what is the point of a consultation fiasco when the decision was inevitable, even more insulting having spent large sums of our money on feasibility and viability studies?
    The outcome was so predictable!
    See previous blog

  2. l would say all you councillors involved in this project at the paddocks, are not fit for pubic office , you are all a joke , l wouldn’t vote for any of you .

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