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Virgin Green Belt, Rarer than Hens Teeth? Let’s Hope Not!

Dan Cookson has created a Map identifying buildings and development within the Green Belt.


Within the Castle Point area it is difficult to identify any Green Belt areas without any development.

This could prove difficult somewhat to justify to an Inspector local opinion of which areas constitute the category of being “Virginal” or Un-developed Green Belt.

Whilst certain areas or sites will qualify as being Un-developed, a challenge may come via the erosion of the belt, as in Green Belt.

Lets hope this is not as tricky to defend in the light of “our broken housing market” and the intent to “build more homes.”

Dan Cookson’s Map of Buildings in the Green Belt can be found via this LINK.

The Map combines information provided by Alasdair Rae @undertheraedar and DCLG.

Dan Cookson is a housing market info. & research specialist.