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Persimmon Homes Refused Permission for Change of Use of Land, and to Build on Canvey Island Green Belt!

Persimmon Homes have again been Refused Planning Permission for a Change of Use of Land and the Erection of a Stable Block on Canvey Island Green Belt, to the rear of the Dutch Village Estate, the Cornfields.

This latest attempt follows a previous Application, also Refused. It is seen to be an attempt to establish a Built Development on Green Belt land, ahead of the CPBC Local Plan!

Despite CPBC Planning Officers giving Scant regard to Residents objections;

“The site is private land, the only public access is a footpath which runs along the southern edge of the land. Any use of the site for recreational purposes is unauthorised.

o Access for fire engines is not a planning matter

o It is noted that some objectors are concerned for the Roman Saltern (ancient monument) on adjoining land if it is used for grazing or turning out horses, but the application site does not include the land containing the Saltern, this would need to be the subject of further planning permission

o The highway authority has been consulted on the proposed development and has raised no objections on the ground of traffic safety. The conditions requested by the highway authority would be imposed on any permission granted where reasonable and necessary

o Any other relevant planning matters are discussed in the evaluation of the proposal”

….was all CPBC officer’s had to say in response.

The CPBC Case Officer Concluded;

“My Recommendation is Refusal for the following reasons”

 1 The proposed development is situated within an area of Green Belt as defined in the Council’s Adopted Local Plan where inappropriate development is only permitted in very special circumstances. The proposal, by reason of the provision of a new building and area of hardstanding, would not preserve the openness of the Green Belt and is therefore considered to constitute inappropriate development. No very special circumstances to outweigh the harm to the Green Belt by reason of inappropriateness, and any other harm, have been demonstrated and the proposed development is therefore contrary to government guidance as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework.  

2 The proposal seeks to provide a stable facility within Flood Zone 3, an area identified at risk of flooding. There are considered to be sequentially preferable sites available for the proposed development in areas with a lower probability of flooding, and the proposal does not meet the requirements of the sequential test. The proposal is therefore contrary to government guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework and Planning Practice Guidance.”

Canvey Island Town Council’s, local Residents’, and the Canvey Green Belt Campaign’s 7 Page objection, as well as the Environment Agency’s response, are hidden from Public View on the Castle Point Borough Council’s Planning Portal!

However, The full Planning Officer Report can be found HERE. �

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